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Screw Conveyors and Fluid Beds

Screw conveyorSince 1984 Cosmed Group has been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to treat Niger seed (Guizotia abyssinica), also known as Nyjer™.  As a quarantine restriction upon entry into the United States, Nyjer™ must be treated to prevent the entry of viable noxious weeds such as cuscuta, Asphodelius fistulosis (onion weed), Digitaria sp. (includes couchgrass), Oryza sp. (red rice), Paspalum scrobiculatum (kodo millet), Prosppis sp. (includes mesquites), Solanum viarum (tropical soda apple) and Urochloa panicoides (liver-seed grass).

Our heateed fluid beds also eliminate foreign materials and dust from the product to ensure acceptable presentation to the retail consumer.  We offer a variety of final packaging options including corrugated tri-walls, super-sacks, 50 lb valve packed kraft bags and custom printed 25 lb sewn bags.  Bulk container loading and custom bagging options are also available.

In addition to treating birdseed our conveyorized technologies can be adapted for pasteurizing contaminated agricultural products and  for eliminating noxious weeds.