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Whether you are looking for contract services to make your products safe or the equipment to do it yourself, we are your sterilization and pasteurization specialists.

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A New Day for a Medical Device Manufacturer

We're pleased to announce the completion of agreement to supply ethylene oxide sterilization chambers, Glygen™ environmental control systems and facility design services to a medical device manufacturer.

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Cosmed Group provides pasteurization and sterilization services and technologies to food producers and manufacturers through a network of contract processing facilities. The company offers several processes, including their patented steam pasteurization H20 Express™ technology, to ensure the safety and purity of herbsspices, nuts, fruits, vegetables, birdseed, nutraceuticals, grains, and other agricultural commodities.

Additionally, Cosmed Group provides equipment and consulting services to support customers operating pasteurization and sterilization processes in-house.

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Cosmed Group Acquiring Ethylene Oxide Contract Sterilization Operation from NAETO Sterilization form

10.18.17 -

FRANKLIN, NJ and JAMESTOWN, RI: On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Cosmed Group, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement with NAETO Sterilization, formerly North American Sterilization & Packaging (NASP), to acquire their contract ethylene oxide sterilization operation in Franklin, NJ.

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Cosmed of PA among the first companies to achieve ISO13485:2016 certification

8.18.17 -

Cosmed of PA receives certification to the rigorous requirements of ISO13485:2016. The contract sterilization facility in Erie, PA is among the first to achieve accreditation to this standard.

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Q & A Post 6

Q: I'm designing a sterilization validation and, in general, a sterilization assurance system. All the products that will be sterilized were reviewed by a qualified team and only few products were shortlisted, being the most difficult to be sterilized products. Is it mandatory to select only one "Worst-case product" before entering the sterilization validation (ISO 11135:2014 annex B) or can I start the validation with more than one candidates "worst-case products"? Working with an Overkill approach, I can for example demonstrate the appropriateness of the internal PCD, comparing it with all candidate products in sublethal cycles! Is it mandatory to identify the most difficult to sterilize location within the product? How can I use this information in following validation steps? According to ISO 11135:2014 (8.6) "The PCD shall present a challenge to the sterilization process that is equivalent or greater than the challenge presented by the natural bioburden at the most difficult to sterilize location within the product". In my case I have more than one products / locations but it is possible to analyze whole product (for all candidate products) so I suppose there is no need to identify the most difficult to sterilize location.

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